We are not affiliated with "Global Metals Co." in China !!

Global Metal Trading Inc. was established in January 2009, althought it does not have a long history, it is funded by Hontec International Investiment Ltd. / Hanhai JSJ Metals Inc in Nanhai, China, which are in scrap metal business for 40+ years.  
Our main agenda is purchasing the following Non-Ferrous scrap metals and export to our parent company in China.  
We are not brokers, but we welcome brokers contacting us.

A. Very high demand
Any kind of ICW (insulated copper wire)
Cu-Al wire
Cu-Pb wire
Al / Cu Radiator (TALK)
Auto radiator (OCEAN)
B. Low demand
Aluminum Breakage
Brass Breakage
Insulated Al Wire
C. We also buy the following materials, but due to extremely high customs tax for "clean" materials, we could only purchase these combined with other "dirty" materials in the same container.  We do not buy a whole load of clean scrap.
#1 Cu (Barley, Berry, Candy .. )
#2 Cu (Birch, Cliff ..)
Brass (Honey, Ebony..)


Angus Chen
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